Rise of temporary contracts: why should you?

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Rise of temporary contracts: why should you?

Temporary contracts are rising in the United Kingdom, with 63,000 in March-May 2022, an increase of 4% compared to the previous year, according to the Office of National Statistics. Temporary work can allow both the employer and the employee to thrive because of the freedom and flexibility it gives. Usually, temporary contracts cover 3/6 months or even 1 year and more, depending on the project.

Why is temporary work increasing? 

There has been a cultural shift these past few years, especially since the pandemic, making employees want a much more outstanding balance between their working and private lives. Temporary contracts mean that people can work with more flexibility and freedom. Workers tend to want more opportunities to be challenged, which also suits companies because of the skill shortage they are experiencing. In fact, what could be easier than hiring a specialist with a short-term contract to work on a project together?

Benefits of recruiting a professional interim contractor for the employer:


    • Expert knowledge at short notice
    • It doesn’t increase a company’s headcount as the worker is paid via the agency
    • Helps with periods such as increased workloads to ease the pressure off the current team, month or year-end support, maternity cover, or specific projects that need urgent attention.  Temps can also help cover unexpected periods, like parental leaves or sicknesses.
    • It can bridge a gap if someone has left quickly – allowing more time to source the right person for a permanent position
    • It allows time to find a good fit for the company and see how everyone matches together quickly.
    • Helps with skills shortages and allows specific projects to be completed with the appropriate support.


Benefits of temporary work for the professional interim contractor:


      • You can control the projects you want to work on and have control over how long you want to stay in a company/place.
      • It increases the number of people you meet and can allow you to get more opportunities from networking.
      • It may lead to a permanent job, or the opportunity of the contract being extended if you work well within the business you are temping for
      • Opportunity to build your skills from working on different projects with diverse perspectives.

If you are looking for a new job in accountancy or finance, or require assistance in extra temporary support to the team/ business, we’d be delighted to hear from you, please contact us. We specialise in recruiting Senior Finance Appointments, Interim Markets, Part-Qualified Finance & Transactional Finance sectors.  We also recruit in several specialist disciplines within our Group, including Office Support, HR, Leadership Profiling & Assessment.