Handing in your notice: our anti-worry guide

Handing in notice

Handing in your notice: our anti-worry guide

You might be thinking of quitting your job but don’t know how to hand in your notice. This step of life could feel pretty scary, especially if you had a good time with the company that you worked for.  Here is, a step-by-step guide that will help you best manage this step!


 Step 1: Writing your resignation letter

Use this letter to thank your boss and your team for the time you worked together, as it is very likely that you will need a reference from your current employer for your next job.  Offer in your letter to make your departure as easy as possible by giving them the appropriate notice period as per your contract along with a detailed handover.


Step 2: Hand in your notice in a meeting

Whether offline or online, try to meet with your boss or manager to make your announcement. Stay positive and be ready for them to offer you a counteroffer. Consider all the possibilities and determine if you would be prepared to accept them before attending this meeting. If you do not want to give a reason for your resignation, you do not have to.


Step 3: Inform your colleagues that you’re leaving

Agree a plan with your line manager with regards to letting your colleagues know about your departure.  You might also want to announce it to them in person and organise a farewell party. In any case, it is good to end things on a good note.


Step 4: Stay motivated until the end of your notice period

It might be tempting to count down the remaining hours and do the least work possible because ‘you are leaving anyway’; however, you need to consider your relationships with your boss and manager, who will provide you with a reference for your next job. Even if you dislike your workplace, try to stay positive and leave proud of yourself for working hard and being committed until you leave.

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