What To Consider When Accepting A Job Offer

Whilst it is positive news that the job market has picked up, we are seeing a number of people that took roles at the start of March 2020 looking again. So do consider the following when accepting a job offer.

Research the Company

**look at reviews (glass door, google, linked in, social media)

**check out their financial situation on companies house

**identify with the companies values & mission statement

Interview process

**A thorough & structured interview process is a good sign

**Consider how a business presents themselves during interview

**An interview is a two way process


**Dig deep, ask why this opportunity has come available

**What are the main challenges in the role & business

**Ask what their values are as a business,do they fit with yours?

Asking for more time to consider an offer is perfectly acceptable

**Whilst your employer might want you to start right away, it may not be possible for you. If that’s the case, communicate it to your employer, and ask for the adequate amount of time. The employer should be able to provide that if you don’t have a long list of other demands.

Think about work life balance

**Location of job, once life returns to normal is the travel feasible

**Hours, what does their typical work day look like

**Does the company care about personal well being of its employees

Finally clear any doubts about your offer letter before signing, make sure that you understood everything that’s on the offer letter, such as terms of bonus structure.