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New Employee Onboarding Guide

Below are some onboarding tips and best practices to ensure that new employees are set up for success and to make sure that they feel like part of the team.

Establish personal connections
Traditionally on an employee’s first day, they would be shown around the office and introduced to their co-workers and new team members. Establishing these connections is an integral part of the onboarding process and should not be forgotten just because there’s no physical office to tour. Use virtual meetings and consider a “welcome buddy”.

Design a roadmap for success
After the first day or week, it’s important to not let the onboarding process fizzle out. Establish a “meet-and-greet” roadmap: This can stretch out several weeks and can help connect new employees with other individuals they should know to build their internal networks while remote.

Consider a virtual mentor
Assigning new employees a virtual mentor who can build them a customized learning path can speed up the onboarding time and allow for more learning and growth.

Document onboarding process changes
It is important to document process changes and to design remote onboarding guides to keep managers informed. While everyone is transitioning to working remotely, things can become more ambiguous. Having access to documentation that outlines roles, responsibilities, and changes to onboarding in a remote environment helps keep everyone informed and accountable.

Build an engaging virtual culture
Establish ongoing touchpoints and check-ins: This is critical to maintain culture and keep remote employees engaged, motivated, and connected, especially for new hires.

Create a clear onboarding path for employees
Successful onboarding ensures a clear path for employees as they enter a new company. Even in this unprecedented time, the shift to remote work shouldn’t prevent new employees from the traditional experience, and organizations should be prepared for onboarding more employees in this remote setting. By implementing new practices to support the remote working model, employers will make themselves more attractive to prospective employees, while maintaining business continuity.

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