Leadership Assessment – The Key To Developing & Retaining Top Talent

We’re 15 months into the pandemic and you would think that the external talent pool would be plentiful, and that it is a hirers market.  But no, this does not seem to be the case.  As we discussed in last week’s blog, external talent is harder to find and there is competition internally for top talent.

So where does this leave businesses out there who are struggling to find the talent they need? Could the answer be to look at their internal talent pool and create development opportunities for people to broaden their skillset? Obviously, this is not a short-term fix, but the current talent pool shortage is a timely reminder that investing and developing internal talent is absolutely essential for building a sustainable business and retaining leaders of the future.

So, how would an organisation go about developing its talent?

Leadership assessment and psychometric profiling is not just recommended for external hires but for internal talent development too! Assessing your internal talent against a clear set of criteria (e.g. experience, skills, behaviours) is the best way to understand the skills gap between their existing experience and the requirements of them as future leaders. Alongside this, understanding their level of drive and ambition, hunger to learn, and willingness to step outside of their comfort zone to challenge themselves, are all useful indicators of future potential.  Once you have a clear picture of the skills gaps within your talent pool it is important to put a development programme in place to help close these gaps.  These can range from low cost, internal development activities (such as internal placements into different areas of the business to develop commercial acumen for example) to externally facilitated training and coaching.

How can RCRG help you with your leadership development needs?

With almost 15 years’ experience working with organisations to assess and develop all levels of leadership, we can provide a range of solutions, tailored to your specific needs.  These might include:

An obligation-free discussion and advice on tackling your internal talent development needs.

Design (or support you to design) your leadership framework / career planning guide

Design and development of appropriate assessment tools to assess the skills gap

Talent assessment

Developmental reports / verbal feedback geared towards engaging participants to take ownership for their development

Analysis of organisational strengths and development gaps (based on talent assessments)

Design and delivery of development solutions e.g. workshops, masterclasses, podcasts, Ted talks, coaching etc

Why use us?

We provide an honest, professional and bespoke service. Our assessment solutions are engaging, insightful and accurate.  We support diversity and inclusion, by ensuring our assessment solutions are accessible to everybody and promote individual differences – not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

UK, SME business: “As a start-up, it is extremely important to the growth of our business to not only hire people with the right experience but who also share our values, innovate, think differently and lead the way on diversity and inclusion. The detailed assessment discussion allowed Liz to tease out those who genuinely live our values and those who do not”.

CEO Candidate – Chemical Sector: “Extremely insightful process, the assessment highlighted key areas that I wasn’t aware of and that I can now work on, but also areas where I exceed. I found it extremely beneficial”.

If you are interested in a conversation to discuss any of the above, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please call us on 01244 980 591 or email us recruitment@rotheramcarrington.co.uk