How Using A Specialist Recruitment Company Can Support Your Business

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How Using A Specialist Recruitment Company Can Support Your Business

‘75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job’ Whilst the recruitment industry has a somewhat unfair reputation, recruitment agencies do get people jobs, which boosts the economy. ‘If you use a recruitment agency, you are statistically more likely to access the best talent on the market’


Why do companies use recruitment agencies?


  • Extended reach for the best talent available, candidates looking for a new role are far more likely to register with a recruitment business purely from a time perspective. Candidates who are in full-time employment don’t have the time to look for a new role, just getting time out for interviews is difficult without starting the alarm bells ringing with their current employer.
  • Specialist recruiters meet, speak and network with candidates and clients every day of their working week. Clients who are passively looking are also candidates. Good recruiters make it their job to actively seek out and approach great talent ‘confidentially’ on behalf of your business.
  • Using a specialist recruiter will save your business valuable time & money; a specialist recruiter can generally turn around a short list of CVs for a permanent job within a week and a temporary job within 24 hours.

‘There is a mistaken belief that using a recruitment agency is more expensive if you calculate the time it takes to write an advert, get quotes on the best site to post your vacancy on, sort through hundreds of applicants who sadly have no relevant experience, try advertising again with the same results.   Or you managed to secure a couple of interviews, get down the line to 3rd interview, and your top candidate gets offered another job, and you are back to square one.   Recruiting takes up a lot of time, and before you know it, weeks have passed, and the employee you are replacing leaves at the end of the week’

  • Specialist recruiters are skilled in their market. They can advise on what salaries are competitive in the market to ensure you are not overpaying or underpaying. We can advise Clients that investing in a competitive benefits package is just as important as a good salary… i.e. good holidays, flexible working, gym memberships.
  • Recruitment agencies conduct candidates’ background checks, reference, and qualification checks. We ensure that a candidate matches what they promise on their CV.

‘30% of the Global workforce are actively looking for jobs, this means 70% are passive talent who are not actively job searching’


Recruiters will ask all the tricky questions


  • What other interviews are you attending
  • At what stage are you in the interview process
  • Which role is at the top of your list and why


Why do prospective candidates like using an independent specialist recruiter?


  • Candidates want an independent view of their market, which a recruiter can provide. Candidates want to be provided with options and talk through what their next steps are
  • More often than not, high-calibre candidates will admit that they struggle to promote themselves, starting with how best to write their CVs or even how to present themselves at an interview.