How to conduct a successful interview via video conference guide…

Now in a new world of video conferencing we are all enjoying this tool whether it be for work, to speak to our friends or to keep in touch with family on a regular basis.  Video conferencing is the way forward and to fine tune our VC skills, here are some great tools and tips…..

How to conduct a successful interview via video conference

In the current circumstances, many organisations are turning to video-conference to conduct their recruitment interviews and is likely that this technique will become the ‘new normal’ when lockdown measures are ‘relaxed’.  As a valued candidate, we want to do everything we can to help you with your continued job search, therefore we thought it would be helpful to share with you some useful tips on conducting a successful video interview.

How to prepare:

  • Find out whether you need to prepare anything in advance and request documents on the company’s culture, mission and values to help you understand and engage with their brand.
  • Find a quiet area to hold the interview.  If you are working from home, choose a room which is well-lit and has a stable interview connection (at least 1mb/second)
  • Prepare your environment including the background (think about what you want people to be able to see), and check you are not near any noisy equipment
  • Close unnecessary tabs or apps on your computer, especially if you are going to be sharing your screen during the interview.
  • Test the technology including audio and webcam and provide a phone number in case of disruption/loss of connectivity.
  • Dress professionally – first impressions are key
  • Have your materials ready, including your CV/application, notepad and pen, and any documents you have been provided with
  • Make sure your phone is on silent mode
  • Know your timings – interview start time and duration.  Be sat ready at your computer for when the interview starts.

During the interview

Explain in advance about possible interruptions (e.g. children/pets in the house) although obviously try to minimise any disruption where possible.

Ask the interviewer to bring to life the company culture and values for you, to help you connect with the organisation (as you can’t be there in person).

Over 90% of communication is non-verbal, so portraying the right body language is key. Exaggerate your body cues more than you typically would, such as nodding, smiling, gesturing, to demonstrate your engagement.  Try to read the interviewers body language and facial cues and respond appropriately.  Often mirroring behaviour will help you build a connection

Speak calmly and clearly

Be mindful of the time and stick to the schedule that has been set.

After the interview:

Thank the interviewer for the opportunity

Ask about next steps and feedback

Depending on the recruitment stage you are at, you might like to request an opportunity to meet team members via video conference, to help you get to know the people you will be working with and get a ‘feel’ for the company culture.