Why is providing interview feedback so important for your business & branding?

Employer branding is the top most important aspect of your companies business identity.  It’s what makes your company a great employer and will stand out to candidates who are looking for jobs.

Providing good interview feedback can reduce negativity associated with the recruitment process especially if you are struggling to fill a role. 

With social media now being at our finger tips it makes it very easy for a person to add a review on any of the social media platforms which can impact a candidates decision to accept an interview or job with an employer.  Equally this also applies to a candidate, businesses will check out future employees on social media.

According to a number of surveys, nearly 60% of candidates said they had a poor candidate experience, and 72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly. This statistic enforced the importance for employers to receive positive on & offline feedback and if sharing great interview feedback can enable this it’s an easy win.

Another survey recognised by a leading national recruiter highlighted 60% of candidates who attended an interview had not received feedback, and 88% of professionals discussed their experiences of the recruitment process, therefore a lack of feedback or even a delay in feedback can significantly impact an employer’s brand.

Providing feedback is important for a number of reasons

i) it’s a simply yet effective opportunity to promote your company culture, business values and attitude

ii) it can highlight to applicants and provide them with a good understanding of areas that they may need to improve their performance at interview

iii) providing solid feedback can reduce the liability for claim of discrimination.

Providing interview feedback is a great way to show case your business in a positive light, the culture and improve your employer branding.  

Recruiting can take up a huge amount of time especially when your primary role is not as a recruiter, so if you don’t have time to provide detailed feedback, a simply but effective way to respond would be to ensure that the candidate goes away with some positive and constructive information, that could really help in future interviews.  The following answers are quick and easy to complete and will ensure that whilst the candidate may have been rejected, they will go away having had a positive experience.

i) In what areas did the do candidate well?  On time, very presentable..

ii) Why was the candidate unsuccessful? It was a good interview however you are looking for more experience in a specific area, such as a stronger background in the FMCG sector

iii) In what areas of the interview could the candidate improve? for example rather that a yes or no answer, providing a more detailed response in relation to the role applied for

If you want to attract the best talent to your business and spread the word that you are a great business to work for with strong employee values, do take the time to work closely with your agency or directly with the applicant, negative press is always harder to change once said……