UK shares show positive signs of industry growth & businesses actively hiring…

‘UK shares jumped to fresh three-month highs, as data showed China’s service sector returned to growth in May 2020 bolstering hopes of a faster global rebound’ – Reuters

With nearly a third of employers actively recruiting and possibly, unsurprisingly, nearly half within public sector: how can you attract and secure the best talent for this new era of work, how are employers looking to hire? what skills are in demand? How can employers who are thinking of hiring attract and retain the best talent?

Communication and problem-solving skills

The soft skills that employees typically want are communication, problem solving and flexibility.  Whilst these skills have always topped the agenda, the current pressures have highlighted the need and are crucial to an organisations success, especially in times of continual change and adaptation.  An up and coming skill is technological strength, helping to support the new era of work.

Focus on work life balance and mental health

Lockdown has led professionals to look for additional job security, as well as placing increased importance on work life balance and mental health support.  Following, what have been unusual and anxious times for many, employers should place employees well being high on their agenda.  Show casing related provisions throughout the candidate attraction strategy will help businesses to stand out from the crowd, plus being able to offer long term career paths for employees will with out doubt retain good talent.

Create a clear career path for employees

Market research has shown that professionals overall, are positive about their careers, but less confident in their ability to progress since the current pandemic.  Employers looking to hire should highlight clear, long term career paths, not just through the recruitment process, but continue through inductions, one to ones and appraisals and ensure you are ready if you are planning on hiring.

Whilst lockdown measures are cautiously easing, the era of flexible working and social distancing looks set to remain for the foreseeable. So, consider how to accommodate and induct a new member of staff into the business strategy. Working with how the organisation operates; how technologies can be used; which skills are required – both in the short and long term, as well as keeping the well being of the workforce in mind.