In The Company Of Mica Adams

What do you do Mica?

I am an Associate Consultant at Rotheram Carrington Recruitment Group

How did you end up working at Rotheram Carrington Recruitment Group?

I wanted a change in career paths which mainly involved helping people. I saw the job vacancy on a job site which I thought I could harness the skills I have learnt in previous jobs as well as the main reason of career change being more people orientated, and here I am 😊

What motivates you?

LEARNING – every day is a school day. There is so much to learn which is great! Knowing I have learnt something, and I am on the route to accomplishing something is motivating for me! For example, on the candidate side currently, I’m talking to a wide range of people with different personalities and skills – so every phone call is different – which is great as every day I am learning something new – not only about my client base, but in how to answer questions or scenarios candidates ask 😊.

What’s the best bit about your job?

Knowing the aim of my job is working towards making a positive difference to someone’s day! Both on the client and candidate side.

What is your pet hate in business?

When something doesn’t go to plan!! For example, I am here to help and support people – however if I can’t fulfil that – that is a pet hate of mine! But being open and honest with the client and candidate is key.

What’s the best piece of work advice you’ve been given?

Dreams remain dreams until you yourself make it happen!! This is key for me – don’t be afraid in going for what you want!

What moments in your career stand out?

As a whole, looking at how far I’ve come and the confidence I have achieved – and still achieving – a long the way!! I used to always worry about what people thought, however quickly learnt that isn’t going to help me in my career, as well as personally. Now I always push myself out my comfort zone to achieve new skills and goals!!


Job Title: Associate Consultant

Education: Newcastle University – Marketing and Management

First Job: Topshop – Sales Assistant

Favourite Holiday Destination: Marbella

Favourite Song: Courteeners: Not Nineteen Forever


Last Book Read: Ian McEwan – Nutshell

Most Proud Of: Most probably achieving a 1st at University – but ultimately being where I am today!! 😊