+ Leadership Profiling & Assessment


Leadership assessment and profiling is a robust, fair and cost-effective solution that is used to help organisations identify, develop and retain the right talent.

Now more than ever, recruiting strong leaders who can stabilise, motivate and build teams, is critical.  Characteristics such as resilience, adaptability, judgement and decision making, emotional intelligence, are essential, as is overall ‘fit’ with an organisations people and culture.  Leadership profiling and assessment will identify leadership style, strengths, development gaps and future potential, and thus help inform hiring decisions, on boarding and ongoing talent development.


Why is leadership assessment important?

  • Improves accuracy of recruitment & selection decisions
  • Cost effective and significantly outweighs the cost and collateral damage caused by hiring the wrong person
  • Helps new hires onboard quicker
  • Increases employee engagement and retention of talent
  • Boosts the employer brand
  • Bolsters organisational leadership capability and confidence


At the Rotheram Carrington Recruitment Group we use a qualified business psychologist specialising in senior recruitment and executive profiling, dedicated to leadership assessment, development, and coaching.

We design and deliver bespoke assessment packages, ranging from the administration and interpretation of psychometric tests to greater, in-depth, face-to-face executive assessment.

We are committed to providing a quality candidate experience which is supportive, developmental, action focused, and creates a positive impression of the client organisation.

We are extremely flexible and able to provide assessment of your people either remotely or in person, at short notice.


Our Assessment Packages

Our assessment packages are tailored and appropriate for the level of role/leader and are designed in partnership with our clients. Typically, they comprise the following:


Executive Level

  • ½ day assessment with business psychologist (face-to-face / video conference) covering a deep dive career discussion, psychometric interview and business simulation.
  • Detailed participant report, comprising summary of strengths, development gaps, and detailed evaluation against role requirements, competencies, and values.
  • Participant feedback (and optional further coaching).
  • Client de-brief along with recommended next steps.


Head of Department Level

  • 2-hour telephone/video conference discussion with business psychologist to explore the participant’s career experience, aspirations and psychometric profile.
  • 2-page bespoke participant report, focusing on strengths, development areas, summary of evidence against role requirements and indication of onward potential.
  • Participant feedback session with a focus on development planning.
  • Client de-brief with recommended next steps.


First Line Manager / Team Leader Level

  • 45-minute telephone assessment to explore and feedback on psychometric output (psychometrics completed online in advance)
  • 1-page summary report, comprising key strengths/development points and recommended interview questions or development actions (dependent on whether for recruitment or development)

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss leadership assessment or profiling in more detail, please contact us on 01244 980 591 or email us at recruitment@rotheramcarrington.co.uk